chatting about the social implications of weblogs

the playing around with jabber gets its first fruits in this transcript from a chat i had. it seems tools like weblogs and instant messaging really make a difference..
excerpts from a chat i had on jabber with ben today.
gregor i wonder whether the topic is above the heads of 95% of our members?
ben well, is always the same story, people fear to get involved :(
ben it certainly is… no question I would rate it as far as 98%
gregor hmm. so basically we are doing something that is only of interest for ourselves?
ben but the real bad thing is, people don’t want to learn anymore … they are knowledge-aversive.
ben I hope not so much, people might get curios if the show is just big enough.
gregor i wonder what these guys do all day? web site design with dreamweaver?
ben I’m talking about product demos, free cd’s hands-on workshops, some high-tech playground air.
gregor what is their idea of computer science? proficiency in ms office?
ben worse, number punching with AS400 @ CS …
gregor i don’t know, but i would certainly not employ one of them.
ben Well, some do know something, like christian or thomas (not the VS guy, the staff one), but they don’t care …
ben most of them are living a lonely life, girlfriend, mom, dad and one or tow guys from high-school… probably still living with thier parents.
gregor ben the sociologist :)
ben I’m urged to be… it’s quite difficult to come to a new country, especially if the last one was .mx …
gregor actually i will have a discussion about basically these topics (interest in new tech etc) with my kpmg team on monday
ben ppl have diferent moral values, most are thinking in their own world, and in their heart they may even don’t like IT, but computers….
gregor its the same situation there…
ben oh, thing this is even very much worse:-)
ben I think their motivation is money, since thats what have been in plenty supply the last few years… the good ones are either those who don’t care about $, or who have it anyway…
ben /start spelling
gregor well, for my team the issue is to either: a) innovate & take great risks b) continue with building asp web applications as before..
ben :-)
gregor i think you have a good point there..
ben we’ll see it in 2 years
ben I’d say don’t let them decide over that topic, plant a migration path to risk…
gregor you think the downturn will last 2 years?
gregor problem is, i made most of the decisions for them the last 1.5 years.
ben I mean, provide them with a framework for the next 6 month, and ask them whether they like that, or trying to find new asp client do the specs etc.
gregor they have to be committed to what we do, or else it won’t work out.
ben true
gregor we might take a bold step and go with .net.
ben how do you generate commitment and motivation?
gregor however we would have to find clients willing to pay for that.
gregor it cannot be generated, only encouraged. it has to come from themselves
gregor if i knew a recipe for that, i would have applied it countless times at icu & other places..
ben It can be generated, let the remember the words…
ben motivation by identification on mental, physical and social levels…
ben here you go
ben deep integration of the people in the community culture etc. why do you think people are visiting university?
gregor to meet their friends at the cafeteria
ben It fits into their social concept
ben right
ben why do coderz code?
gregor i have done some research on rewards in communities.
ben what the outcome?
gregor if you can get others to acknowledge you in some meaningful way, it helps a lot for motivation
gregor its like andy warhol’s 15 minutes of fame.
gregor for instance i think the tight feedback loop that is emerging with tools like jabber, personal weblogs
ben i thought about that for the ms thing
ben if their projects get out to the world they feel rewarded
gregor will really forge people together. it does for me.
ben if i.e. other colleagues use their say webservice, they’ll think is cool, we are back at social integration
gregor in fact i have already received a lot of good feedback because i share my thoughts with anyone who
gregor cares to listen.
ben yeah the feedback is important, good point.
gregor i thought for years that its just so much work until you have eliminated enough communication barriers to let interesting (and rewarding) discussions flourish.
ben thats why i’m so keen about php-nuke, it helps to express people’s thoughts and it gets organized as well.
gregor same for me.
gregor and on a much higher semantical level than /.
ben yeah!
gregor basically, sites like /. are only input and gain value through digesting and thinking about them
ben well, that is a good conversation i have lacked since the departure of my dad.. thanks!
gregor in fact i have seldom come across more interesting links and ideas since i started to collect them on purpose.
ben true, and the /. community has no means of focusing on topics…
gregor you are very welcome :)
ben :-)
gregor my submission queue has currently 17 items that i might write some thoughts about..
ben urg
gregor since i am in no obligation to deliver anything, this is not actually a problem..
ben I haven’t come that far, i’m currently more interested in bring the right infrastructure into place … am thinking about how to get webservices organized on php nuke
gregor its more like there are far more interesting things than time to check them out..
ben same problem over here
gregor i wanted to do the same thing. my first web service would have been a web service to full text search phpnuke
gregor however the mess that is apache soap turned me off :)
ben I actually envy your job, you can explore interesting topics and even get paid for it :)
gregor i don’t do this as part of my job.
ben is no mess, its smooth running
gregor actually at my job i am currently doing very boring things like setting up nt 4 servers because the it department cannot do it themselves..
ben my first one is running… no big deal, but my second one will be a “Sprueche” DB from ancient asian war-philosopher
ben oh, well, nt 4 ?!?
ben forget it :-)
gregor its not even an operating system in my eyes, its so crappy its hard to believe
ben You know “Sun Tzu” ?
gregor the art of war or something?
ben war yes …
ben I’m impressed!
gregor i think this guy is standard reading in certain managerial circles 😉
ben oh it is? So that’s where you are heading :)
gregor no, but you have to watch out. many predatory business practices actually have their roots in some manager donkey reading up on stuff like that..
ben btw. did you read “B@ speed of thought”?
gregor no, is it any good?
ben try it, I’ve just finished it.
gregor can i lend if from you?
gregor i have some interesting books in return like goedel escher bach
ben sure ‘ll cp it to you post box together with Cryptonomicon
gregor hmm. i will be gone on 24th evening..
ben so I better do i fast :-)
ben when do you plan to breakfast tomorrow?
gregor around 9 i hope.
gregor i have to do a major part of the coding for that site tomorrow
gregor why do you ask?
ben we could meet for B and exchange books, I’ll have to visit the Kanzelei anyway
gregor ah ok, and i have to get that stupid practica sheet from ifi
ben any place ?
gregor ah i know.. there is actually a tea room very near to my place (have never been in there though)
gregor its at haldenbach station, and subtly named tea room 😉
ben so, i’ll try to bee there at, say 0915?
gregor ok, i better be going to bed then..
ben uah, yea…
ben so cu tomorrow.. bonitos suenos :)
gregor was nice. we’ll keep it up.
ben sure
gregor gracias