tech ed day four

due to the attractions of barcelona’s night life, i missed out on most of the talk about attributed programming. would have been interesting, but like it was it went over my head a bit..

uddi was touted as a solution for finding out about web services and to facilitate integration of applications across the network. while a directory of services is certainly useful it remains to be seen how many directories will be vying for attention and thus reduce the reach of each of them. wsdl, which is the standard to describe the actual apis turns out to be a “throw everything in” kind of standard. even microsoft’s implementations (there are 3 of them) have no interop..

the talk on java vs .net was very well done and while the two platforms look remarkably similar, java does not currently have a web services strategy. what became evident though is that all major vendors bet on web services and have at least agreed on soap for interop.

the evening held a gigantic party in store. microsoft had rented the olympic stadium and the surrounding area and threw a party for all 9000 tech ed attendees. attractions ranged from spacing
to foods of all sorts, including an attempt to produce the largest paella ever made (with a diameter of about 5m they seem to have succeeded) to clowns, to a concert by a queen lookalike band, to the final fireworks.