tech ed day one

submitted directly from the conference floor via wireless ethernet.. :) thats the power of wireless i guess..
we entered barcelona after a refreshing flight with sensational view over the alps
around 10 am. afer checking into the hotel we went to the conference center where
we were greeted by bunchs of geeks sitting on the floor, huddled over their notebooks
or their newly acquired geek toys (aka compaq ipac).

we were handed a monstrous
conference backpack in bright yellow. the backpacks were just too offensive for
our visual cortexes so we had to dispose them soon afterwards. we queued
to get a hot new compaq ipac with a wireless ethernet card. soon afterwards
we were successfully checking into the abstrakt portal. does this rule or what.
somewhat relieved
and with our ipacs we headed back to the hotel to chill out and play with the

although they have a high coolness factor and it was great fun playing
around with them we concluded that using the analog conference schedule still
beats the online version by miles in regard to usability. besides, the paper
version does not forget your notes after a reset..
after hunger sent us out to fetch some food (we found some selection of tapas)
we headed back to the conference for a special student welcome dinner.
microsoft must have taken a page from other conferences since we were greeted
by nice hostesses. what a contrast to all these shy geeks.. unfortunately
though there were not too many female geeks around, as had to be expected.
we were then driven to a restaurant and a large buffet was quickly
consumed. we shared the table with two guys from cambridge who are working
as microsoft consultants during summer break. they are currently implementing
voice over ip application over gprs using the compaq ipac. to our great
amusement they were avid slashdot regulars and the rest of the evening
was thus spent in merry geek lore. topics ranged from umts to the singularity
to debian installs. in short, a very refreshing discussion. we were then
advised as to what sessions out of the 264 we should attend. clearly there
will be some hard choices to be made as some interesting sessions collide.
after we were handed a fancy schmancy jacket in brightest yellow (we kept
it because it looked kinda neat for a change) we were dismissed and spent
the rest of the evening catching up with various projects each of us
had been silently advancing. barcelona is one heck of a nice city by night.
so many decent places to hang out..