wireless transaction servers

occasionally, there is still a gem to be found in the slashdot crowd.
in response to the announcement of an apache port to windows ce, len produced this nugget:

The WinCE apache thing, but then it hit me.

It isn’t about the general type of web server that we know and love. It’s about a portable transaction platform!

Imagine that you are a salesman, contractor or other individual who travels and does business with many different people in many different places. If you had a 802.11 (I don’t think bluetooth will make it) enabled Jornada or iPaq, then you could carry a web-based transaction server with you, wherever you go. You wouldn’t need a fixed IP, nor a constant broadband link to the internet.

You could hop on to your client’s wireless LAN, or establish a peer-to-peer link to make your transaction server (e-business whatever) appear local to your clients. They could do business with you, and you take your web-site and data with you when you leave. In this way, you could use a near universal interface (web browser) to handle customer interactions, without having to scrawl all of the information in by a flaky pen-based interface.

This would be a very cheap way of doing business, with less threat of being cracked by some script kiddie.