trusted brains

Another problem for the entertainment companies is what they’re calling the “analog hole.” This recognizes the fact that human beings are not digital, so digital programming has to be converted to a format, known as analog, that we can see and hear.

according to ray kurzweil, computers will have the capacity of the human brain by 2020.

The memory capacity of the human brain is about 100 trillion synapse strengths (neurotransmitter concentrations at interneural connections), which we can estimate at about a million billion bits. In 1998), a billion bits of RAM (128 megabytes) cost about $200. The capacity of memory circuits has been doubling every eighteen months. Thus by the year 2023), a million billion bits will cost about $1),000.3 However, this silicon equivalent will run more than a billion times faster than the human brain. There are techniques for trading off memory for speed, so we can effectively match human memory for $1),000 sooner than 2023.

if the MPAA and friends have their way it will have to run on trusted hardware. mind control?