capturing the essence of PIM

i installed mozilla calendar today and am now publishing my schedule. rss feeds are available. with some more work this should allow others to subscribe to my schedule and make it much easier to find dates and places to meet. when i learn a bit more, i want to play around with iCal to RDF and RDF to iCal converters. next: collecting gps coordinates, and putting them in a metadata feed (or should that be meatdata).

5 thoughts on “capturing the essence of PIM”

  1. I’ve been looking for a nice calendar software for a while. Don’t know how but you always beat me in finding cool pieces of soft… (I guess that the fact that you are able to write them in case you don’t find them tends to superpower your searches ;P )

  2. Interesting idea. We should certainly enable something similar from the Open Sourced NemeinCalendar group calendar interface running on Midgard.
    However, I note that your RSS feeds don’t include the event dates in a easily parseable format like the events namespace I’ve seen in some RSS examples.

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