2 thoughts on “the oss value proposition”

  1. Bold statements.
    But I’m at least sure you are wrong about the cost issue (source?), and I’m still chewing on the transaction cost thing (because I do see quite some problems right there, with the one to many relationships). I’m also pretty confident that not any code is useful to study how a software works, actually it rarely is, I beleive code shows how the data gets transformed, not why or what purpose it serves. Are you really sure COS (Cisco Operating System, the system running the internet) is OSS? I might be wrong here, but I think not.
    You might elaborate more on the specific value OSS has for, say emerging countries. Not because of the cost, but because of the know-how it generates. Knowledge generation as I see it really is the best selling argument for OSS, which even provides a link to the philosophy behinde the movement
    Risk… having a vendor go out of business IMHO is not an issue, if the stakes are high enough you just get some of the former engineers, and standards (And the support is always with some partner anyhow)… ehm do I need to go into how fast OSS completly adopts standards, you sure know some pretty negative excemples yourself.
    Leveraging _against_ suppliers is not much of a problem, it’s more the other way around, that suppliers are always leveraged by their customers.
    I would not have elaborated, but your slides do look like marketing, it was too much of a bait :-)
    But I beleive you apreciate the feedback…

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