my first association when i heard geocaching was akamai. caching internet content by location. way off-base.

The sport where YOU are the search engine.
A GPS device and a hunger for adventure are all you need for high tech treasure hunting. Here you can find the latest caches in your area, how to hide your own cache, and information on how to get started in this fun and exciting sport.

sure enough, there are 165 troves in switzerland alone. this sounds like something i want to try. i like maps, navigation and being out in the green, and adding in geek toys only makes it better..

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  1. geocaching

    Gregor mentions geocaching, which sounds like great fun. People all over the world hide things and you can try to find them and start creating new caches yourself. Most contain some items like books, CDs, card games, etc. and when…

  2. G — I have a cousin who does this with his kids and they LOVE It. It gives them an excuse to get out into the green. The kids like this better than Nintendo or PlayStation 😉 — D

  3. GEOCaching

    By first reading about Geocaching on Gregor’s blog, I thought it’s yet another IP to geographical location conversion service. But it actually sounds like an interesting game, as it mixes virtual aspects with real “field” experi…

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