mindmanager X5 Pro for the semantic web?

here are some questions i got from michael scherotter, development manager for mindmanager x5 Pro about the future direction of the product. they are looking at innovative uses of mindmanager, and how to leverage XML. i suggested that Mindmanager might be a tool to help build the semantic web. but read michael’s questions, and opine away.

  • What kind of tool and services built on MindManager X5 Pro would you like to see developed for the semantic web?
  • Do you see MindManager X5 Pro as a tool for building the semantic web, visualizing it, or both?
  • What software, systems, and companies use OPML?

update: some comments by the trackback-challenged ben. are you hinting at a buyout? :)

2 thoughts on “mindmanager X5 Pro for the semantic web?”

  1. Just ask him to support OpenOffice for god’s sake! I was one of the beta testers of X5 and love it, practically run my whole business on it, but the only thing I have a complaint against it is that it is so tightly matched with Microsoft Office rather than just output a format that OpenOffice and others can also understand.
    My other quibble of course it is that X5 is so anti Linux! There is no way to run on Linux even when using Wine. But I’ll live with that.
    I really think that any product that is so dependant on Microsoft and ignoring all the other products in the market is not healthy, so although I’ve got the pro edition (thank you MindJet!) I still miss the “pro” part as I can’t export ot OpenOffice anything…

  2. the other day i searched for a mind management software for linux. and only came up with freemind as a usable system. its java, and works for simple connected idea-bubbles… nothing fancy tho. :(

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