tools should enforce netiquette

Paradoxic: so given your apparent dislike for forums, you have never found any useful information off forum ?
Paradoxic: I find myself discovering a wealth of information off forums almost everyday
gregorrothfuss: i guess the kind of info i am looking for is not on forums
gregorrothfuss: and your in the business of caring about forums
gregorrothfuss: so that figures
Paradoxic: you have never found anything from a forum tho /
gregorrothfuss: well, maybe some posts from the googleguy
gregorrothfuss: but since most forums have horrible urls they are not indexed
gregorrothfuss: so how would i find the gems
Paradoxic: what is your solution for forums then
Paradoxic: there needs to be a way for communities to discuss
gregorrothfuss: forums are ok for nebies
gregorrothfuss: because novice web users do not realize they use the medium ineffectively
gregorrothfuss: if you work on the web all day, you appreciate better tools
Paradoxic: i don’t wanna argue with you on it, just seeing what solution is more effective
Paradoxic: mailing lists aren’t
gregorrothfuss: yeah
gregorrothfuss: mailing lists suck too
Paradoxic: you waste a shitload of time downloading useless crap
gregorrothfuss: for different reasons
gregorrothfuss: and blogs suck for yet other reasons
gregorrothfuss: i think you can do a lot with netiquette
gregorrothfuss: if you have good titles, concise posts, forums work well
gregorrothfuss: same for mailing lists
gregorrothfuss: i would focus on educating people how to use the tools properly
gregorrothfuss: seems the best ROI
gregorrothfuss: i wonder if tools can be made to enforce netiquette
gregorrothfuss: for instance, it should not be possible to send email without a subject
gregorrothfuss: that is just plain broken

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  1. I think there is a business opportunity for something like Google Groups, but forums instead of NNTP. Getting the major forums software to publish RSS versions (fulltext please) would be a first step towards that. At least for those forums that don’t require registration to read (!). (Of course, mirroring a forum into NNTP would be an equally good idea, but probably a little harder to implement)
    OTOH, many public web forums use web advertising as a revenue source or maintain the web as interface for other important reasons and would fear to lose this with RSS based readers. But I think the longterm win would outpace the shortterm loss (which would be very small anyway).
    Another realm where cooperation among OSS is needed?

  2. Gregor,
    It’s rather amazing how many times since I websurf-stumbled upon the article by Clay Shirky, ‘A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy’ that its insights and lessons may contribute to any online discussion of ‘Forums’.
    Yes it is a longish read, yet it also IS one of those gems that never seem to leave the back of your mind…
    Perhaps Gregor you may create a blog entry solely about the Shirky article with your take on it? I would look forward to your thoughts as you are involved, to my knowledge, with many if not ALL of the issues raised.
    Keep Smilin’
    ~ HiMY! ~

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