under attack

a new threshold is reached. i received over 2 dozen comment spams in the last 24 hours. is it because a) my blog has a sufficiently high page rank b) blogspam is taking off?
a) is unlikely since i have had my page rank for almost a year. it must be endemic then. we need a solution fast, and IP banning won’t cut it. maybe some kind of distributed bayesian filtering may work? or do we have to disallow anonymous comments? is this the onset of global identity systems for the blogosphere, as outlined in this proposal?

2 thoughts on “under attack”

  1. Hi Gregor,
    are they automated spam-scripts or humans? If automated I might have a solution. No one has a solution against humans.
    greetings Lon
    PS will you be visiting Plone conference? Or is this considered comment-spamming?

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