from XSD to RDFS (and back)

i got the mindmanager x5 schemas:

meanwhile, the RDF schema for FOAF. now, to find ways to map between XSD and RDFS here are normalization rules as a start.

XSD Component RDFS Resource Properties
Element declaration R->type definition N->element name
complex type definition rdfs:Class (root) rdfs:SubClassOf ->type definition
complex type definition N->complex type name or ->type definition + "_class"
attribute declaration rdfs:Class R->type definition N->attribute name
Attribute group definition model group definition rdfs:Property Class: N->group name + "_class" Property: N->group name R->group (class)
wildcard rdfs:Class + rdfs:Property (definition) N->attribute wildcard + "_value" R->rdfs:Literal
simple type definition rdfs:Property (any)
rdfs:Class (list)

why is this useful? how would you like to edit RDF data (FOAF’?) in mindmanager?

One thought on “from XSD to RDFS (and back)”

  1. Well, I’d sure like to be able to import/export mindmanager files with IdeaGraph 😉
    I must confess I’d probably start by looking at instance data – maybe do a FOAF diagram in MM and see what the XML looked like… But if you can be more systematic, cool.
    What have you got in mind for transformation? XSLT maybe the obvious, but the (Python) scripty approach in the OpenOffice Draw -> RDF was pretty neat.

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