getting it done

i have observed different projects and their inability to get a release out. the strive for perfection is one easy culprit. ever a man of advice, doug has this to say:

apakuni: too bad they do not think like mothers
apakuni: after 9 months of gestation, they want their babies out
gregorrothfuss: LOL
gregorrothfuss: good point
apakuni: we need to engineer a DNA modification that equates to labor in software devs
gregorrothfuss: lol
apakuni: a) water breaks (release .9.9.8)
gregorrothfuss: LOL you are too funny tonight
gregorrothfuss: are you inebriated?
apakuni: b) labor (release .9.9.9)
apakuni: c) birth (release 1.0.0)
apakuni: nope .. i am at work