george dafermos:
someone i kind of knew years ago was shot in the head three days ago when the car he was in refused to stop to the signs of a special police squad known as “special guards” in crete, greece.
oh wow. and these guys want to be in the eu.

2 thoughts on “waste”

  1. sad, isn’t it?
    and yes, despite my deep love for, and emotional attachment to my motherland, greece has nothing in common with most european countries in terms of public services organisation and infrastructure, including unfortunately the police.
    can you believe that? these “special guards” receive a mere two-months training, at the end of which they are given guns and sent to maintain order. sad but true.

  2. Same happens in every country. We just had a case of police beating a guy to death recently in switzerland. Where’s that “if they’re in the eu they’re fine people” – type of thinking coming from?

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