Momento is an XML document object model. It is designed to permit large XSLT transforms and XUpdate queries, larger than in memory document object models will allow. In addition, it stores transaction based modifications to XML documents that are recoverable in the event of a system failure.

people are doing more and more work on xml storage. momento looks like it could become quite useful inside cocoon if the author decides to donate it.

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  1. Thank you for blogging about Momento! I’ve spent the first part of this week working on my web site, to faciliate communciation. On the Momento list, I’m talking about Momento internals, taking advantage of the input of Michael Kay, who has addressed many of the questions I’m facing in his work on Saxon.
    I’ll be getting back into the Cocoon group soon to discuss how to make Momento available to Cocoon as for storage or caching.
    Thanks for the press!

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