advokit looking for lead developer

The Project
AdvoKit is a VoterID/GOTV Web application being developed as free software / open source. AdvoKit combines support for the best practices of traditional
VoterID/GOTV campaigning with the power of social networks and friend-to-friend methodology. Current proprietary systems cost upwards of 100k for use by a state campaign. This is a very high barrier to entry for
smaller organizations.
To see a background white paper on the project, check out this PDF
The Community
Several people who have been involved in the Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich campaigns are nurturing this effort. The team is involved in mature discussions with a variety of potential users (local and state organizations) as well as the leading national organizations who could deliver training and hosting for users of Advokit.
The project has received a very high degree of interest from several organizations and adequate funding for a small team of developers will be in place very quickly.
The Technical Lead
The team is looking for a person who has coordinated volunteers and maintained a free software or open source package. The ideal person would have experience with web application and database development.
For more information on this project, please contact Henri Poole