in search of firewall-enabled videoconferencing

i have been researching various programs for videoconferencing. most solutions are based around SIP which does pose unreasonable demands on firewalls for now. maybe one day, when we have wrestled back the end-to-end principle. more specifically, when SIP proxies are widely available and are easy to install. in the meantime, here is a list:

not working

i’ll update the list as i investigate more applications. note that i only considered free solutions. there are quite a few subscription-based solutions, not sure about their firewall traversal abilities.

One thought on “in search of firewall-enabled videoconferencing”

  1. hmms… Regarding iChat AV, that’s not my experience. I have a Airport base station (using NAT mode), and a friend of mine has a Linux with IP Tables also doing NAT.
    We talk without problems (audio or video one-way, he doesn’t have a camera) with this setup, and we both have invalid IP addresses.
    It does not work with all the firewalls. Check out this and the program NAT check mentioned.

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