beyond malthus

michael lind asserts that yes, 9bn people can subsist on a lifestyle only the rich can afford today. his article has it all: wildscapes, cowless steaks and hover cars. choice quotes include:

Farm sprawl is a far greater threat to the environment than urban sprawl.
The environmentalists who argue that the affluent countries should revert to the unhealthy peasant diet are wrong.
Those worried that genetic engineering will create biological monsters should be reminded that it already has: just look at the degraded creatures that haunt any farm or ranch.
It makes no sense to counsel individuals and nations to adopt austerity in cases in which there are technological solutions to problems created by technology.

One thought on “beyond malthus”

  1. I have to say i agree with the statement! If you just look at the problems that we are having with anti-biotics being injected into cattle just to stop them from getting any diseases…those anti-biotics are then transfered in the meat to the humans that eat them. Once that happens, the bacteria can adapt to the anti-biotics, hence creating the rather nasty drug resistant strains of the most commonly easily treated bugs!

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