google vs msn, round 2

google (newly updated) now has over 60’000 entries on my name (results may differ depending on your location). the new msn search limps along with about 14’000. please tell me there is more to MSN search than meets the eye, i’d like some competition :) not because i would necessarily switch engines, but because it would kick google into high gear.

One thought on “google vs msn, round 2”

  1. a) Results may depend on your name. Mine gets 125K on Google and 131K on MSN. But hit counts are probably more a measure for how bad an engine performes rather then how good. The key lies with ranking, take the ten top results from Google and MSN, better even, let someone else do the search and not tell you which search was done on which engine, then rank the results manualy … do this for a couple of searches important to you, now compare and let your friend tell you which search was done on which engine. Now you have something interesting to look at 😉

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