jocks and the decline

another tidbit: someone mentioned that countries like india value engineer types as highly as other countries value the jock. the nerds get all the girls according to this correspondent because parents tell their kids thats where the money is. it would be interesting to see this substantiated with a study. of course, paul graham is on it.

One thought on “jocks and the decline”

  1. Well, this might be a wild generalization (actually it certainly is, because I’ve so little personal data to base it on), but I think there’s a plus and minus to this. Indian engineers are valued, because parents tell their kids that’s where the money is; at the same time, I’m suspicious of Indian engineers, because many I’ve encountered are dispassionate toward their work, and not necessary good. Competent, certainly, but not personally invested or even interested.
    Not that the US is great or anything; but maybe here all those disinterested people who are in it for the money end up in finance and law. (In an empire, it is the bureaucrats who rule, and executives and their ilk are all types of bureaucrats).
    Obviously, I’m sure there are interested and dedicated Indian engineers, but the proportions may be different.
    Or maybe I merely covet our rejected status, feeling a need to justify the nerd identity. Who knows.

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