the state of language processing

the problems of NLP are highly interconnected are need to be solved as a whole, yet very few efforts have been made to attack several frontiers at once. most research is very academic and niche-oriented. assertion is that CPU power and amounts of data, such as wikipedia, will create breakthroughs in NLP.

One thought on “the state of language processing”

  1. Interesting. Would you bet on anything specific? Besides, what don’t you like about the current NLP community? Are you sure wikipedia will really add to NLP or just to create yet an other interconnection of words? As long as computers can’t grasp the reason, from an NLP point of view, I think wikipedia is boring, now tag it with real semantics in classes, that would become something interesting… But having everybody constantly change it may kill any benefit you’d gain. The CPU thing, well, increasingly gets a heat and power thing, I’m quite positive I’d accept a bet on this…. well, need to get back to work, I’ll enjoy talking to you about some of this soon 😉

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