thoutreader for open source documentation

The ThoutReaderâ„¢ is an open source cross-platform multi-document help system. Simply, it’s the “IT reader”. The ThoutReaderâ„¢ can search and organize a library of reference documentation as well as reference books, allowing users to annotate and bookmark pages in their documentation.
not too sure about whether they are kosher or not, but might be worth checking out.

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  1. As one of the ThoutReader developers, I wanted to respond to your blog entry. The ThoutReader is an open source cross-platform multi-document help system that allows developers to view ALL of their favorite reference material including application documentation, books, tutorials, even their own contributions � offline. OSoft’s vision is to train, educate, and help the open source community by providing a standardized training platform that would allow customers to buy, create, or modify training content in a standardized format while supporting current industry standards.
    Future versions (2.0) of the TR will include a plug-in architecture using the open source JPF framework. This will allow anyone familiar with creating Eclipse plug-ins to create plug-ins for the ThoutReader. We are also working to handle existing formats such as DocBook, Tex, Javadoc etc. natively as well as incorporate other features such as public annotation.
    Within the next 60 days we expect to post over 100 reference documents (free) and author contributions. The ThoutReader can be found at or at SourceForge.

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