personal content management?

Platypus is a tool for modifying web pages and then saving those changes so that they’ll be repeated the next time you visit the page. Changes are made by selecting an element on the page and then hitting a key to use one of the commands below. To save your changes so that they’ll be applied the next time you visit the same web page, hit Save (Ctl-S). This will bring up a window containing a GreaseMonkey script. Install this script and you’re done!

for those who already freaked out over the minor changes the google toolbar makes on their site (only if you specifically trigger it, a fact that was conveniently swept under the rug..), what will they make of this? personal content management? the writable web? another step towards xanadu?

One thought on “personal content management?”

  1. Anybody can save and edit any HTML page on the web; this has always been the case. Platypus just makes it a bit more convenient. That’s not the same thing as making money with other people’s content, which is what AutoLink and SmartTags are doing. There’s a difference between non-commercial/personal use and commercial use.

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