earn $4500 for working on apache lenya

The Apache Software Foundation is a proud partner of the Google Summer of Code initiative.
The Summer of Code is a program designed to introduce students to the world of Open Source Software Development and provide them with a $4500 award for completing an Open Source project before the end of Summer.
The Apache Lenya project currently has three project proposals as part of the Summer of Code, more may be added later. For details see
Overhaul search facilities
Implement editor API
Implement workflow queries
The deadline for application is June 14th so if you are interested you need act quickly. Competition is very high for these projects, but then so are the rewards.
If you would like to create a proposal for any of the above then we need to follow the following process:

- student gains an overview understanding of the technologies involved in the proposal
- student expands the initial project outline to a draft proposal text:
- description of problem
- description of a proposed solution
- benefits of the solution to the Apache community
- an approach
- milestones in delivery
- expected time line for delivery
- description of relevant students skills
- student and mentors work together to finalise this proposal
- proposal is submitted to project community for comment/approval
- student registers the proposal with Google via their website

The Apache Lenya Team