kaywa still around

my former startup KAYWA got a nice puff piece in the june 16th issue of CASH, a swiss business magazine. now if only they would not be so incompetent with keeping their customer data around. my 2003 burning man photo collection which i uploaded to their servers for promotional purposes is still missing after repeated emails to their CEO. [update: fixed date of article, turns out this was published in june. i only learned of it today..]

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  1. Gregor,
    I do not remember that you sent me an email (I’ll check my mailbox tomorrow to doublecheck) or then you sent it to the wrong address. Either way, you could have also left a comment on my weblog or have called me. The telephone number is on the webpage and I repeat it here:+41 43 818 29 40. You also have my mobile number. So I am a bit surprised by your behaviour.
    The event blog (last pics dating from 2003) is no longer online for a bit more than a month as the blog needs a full renewal – the old code, which was special only to the event blog – is not portable anymore. If you need it back on track more quickly, please contact me and we can talk about the issue and find a solution. Anyway the photos have not disappeared. And I think the event idea is still good, so I consider we bring it back anyway, but give us some time.
    I also want to make clear that we always keep and kept data from our official customers be it paying blogs or free partner agreement blogs.
    But blogs which have been opened either without payment or with the clear intention to not be reused will be closed.
    The event blog is the only special case here and the main reason to close it temporarily is that he would have retarded the new release 1.4. So I guess the decision was ok to take.

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