mapping out germany

GoYellow Munich

The screenshot above is from GoYellow maps, a german yellow pages publisher. they are the first customer of my new startup and went live a couple days ago. it is an online map for germany with hybrid satellite/airplane and vector views. GoYellow allows you to overlay this map with yellow pages data, so it’s easy to look for wifi hotspots in berlin or radar traps across germany. of course, it also has the standard issue restaurants, atms, public transport, you name it.

bernhard has more. as noted elsewhere, the image quality is one of the distinguishing features of this application. together with our partner endoxon, we beat the quality you see at the GYM (Google Yahoo Microsoft).

speaking of the GYM, i get asked a lot how you can compete against them. besides kicking their ass in quality, there are quite a few companies that are afraid of going to the GYM, and are looking for partners. we are one such partner workout buddy. (ok, i will shut up about the GYM jokes now).

so what’s next for us? besides settling on a name (heh), there will be more coverage at that crunchy sub-meter resolution, goodies for the mashup crowd and more help for innovative users like this guy who is doing a competitive analysis of his cafe with data from the map. and more.

6 thoughts on “mapping out germany”

  1. Hi,
    Wow, great job. I can finally see my home and have a nice overview of our town Munich :)
    A propos, using go-yellow, the blue arrows in the upper left corner does not work, but the click is done on the map (firefox 1.0.7)
    Url of your startup?

  2. ok Gregor. This IS hot. I’ll try to keep an eye on it – but if I ever forget please drop me a note about any news on API.

  3. Very nice! Why not expand the grid a bit to the left, so it covers the Netherlands as well. Now there’s only part of the Netherlands, but it seems all data is there, just that there are no more images.

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