customers with a clue

you have no idea how refreshing it is to work with customers with a clue. on tuesday, our second yellow pages project went live:, covering all of switzerland. was very gracious to let us have a geeky field day with nice urls, hcard support (view source), geo-aggregated blog posts per city (via geourl), for a start. given that is the answer of a staid media company to the competitive pressures of the internet, i find it quite refreshing to see their CEO blog (on a blog hosted by my former startup KAYWA, no less :), or post pictures of their ground troops (ie, sales) after a slam dunk on flickr.

meanwhile today, we spent all day in a very productive exchange with the goyellow team to talk about new features (more about those when we deliver on them..). their willingness to listen to my crazy ideas for 8 hours straight surprised even me 😉 they quickly took up blogging as a way to communicate with the german blogosphere, with good results.

and finally, we also launched housing search and hotel locator sites for homegate and hotelplan, respectively. quite the busy week :)

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  1. Congratulations! At first glance looks pretty cool. Some excellent features, unique indeed, but a bit slow. Maybe it’s because of the transatlantic hops between Boston and the servers?

  2. Thank you for the flowers! The entire team did a marvelous job! Now that’s just a start… there is plenty more to come (btw: We are also willing to listen 😉

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