OpenOffice / NeoOffice fail at life

if you ever tried to use OpenOffice or NeoOffice to create a presentation with images and timed animations (bare-bones, standard stuff, in other words), do yourself a favor and delete those useless applications from your machine. you’ll thank me.
how those clowns can ship software that randomly replaces your images with the dreaded ‘broken image’ image, or that forgets about the animations it is supposed to show, and gives you a blank slide instead, is beyond me.
with desktop “productivity” applications this bad, no wonder people are defecting to online.

One thought on “OpenOffice / NeoOffice fail at life”

  1. agreed: OO sucks (both for users and developers). the good part: OO is just an “implementation” of the odf format, so hopefully another, better app might come…

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