sociology vs technology

we had our first blog course last night. it went rather well considering :) the bottom line seems to be that i’d like to talk about the social impact of weblogs, while the audience expect the technical nitty-gritty. it will be interesting to fine tune the program, find the target audience, and go live.


damn roger makes me jealous. first off he is in paris (which rocks), second he is at a nice conference, and third he can take pictures on the road and update his blog in real time.
almost makes me reconsider my vow of abstinence from mobiles..

economies of mediocrity

AOL is getting into weblogs?

Weblogs, over the last several years, have migrated to replace, in some cases, people’s home pages. It’s natural that the blog and the home page would combine. And when you remember that AOL has the largest collection of home pages in the world, it kinda gets interesting.

should we be afraid? will the relevance / discovery fabric be strong enough to withstand such an influx? does rss scale that much? are aol users a good demography for creative self-expression?

proustian qualities

modern day proust emails friend six times a day:

Clearly there is a higher purpose to these discursive ruminations,” Honig said. “In describing in great detail the new dog his next-door neighbor just got or by writing about how he was tired and just drank three cups of coffee from the vending machine down the hall, Eric is seeking to rescue these moments from the clutches of the past. Proust had the same obsession with the inexorable passage of time. I really have to hand it to Eric, how he elevates the importance of certain events in his life while simultaneously revealing their essential hollowness.

reading some blogs, you can totally find this quality. whether it adds value to the global discourse besides being an outlet for the blogging person, who knows. more reflection and less sup, dude? might lift quite a few of them above the irrelevance threshold.

manila runs

my new toy is now online. i will be having heaps of fun in the weeks to come as we ramp up our new blog hosting service. sweetness. no url for you yet, sorry :)

blogging your life

i have always been reluctant to talk about personal stuff on this weblog. mostly i post what i find interesting, sometimes what i’m working on. maybe its time to blog some more :) i found this interview with justin hall.

I would recommend this to anyone — if you see someone who you like through the smoke and noise online, and you can saunter over and stand at a slight distance and watch them to see how they carry themselves, to read their tone of voice, to observe their links and interests. In a way, personal websites are like personal advertisements, or a way to circumvent the matchmaker.

i’m having a bad hangover today, and i’m kinda anxious about the conference. also i’m a bit tired of getting project x off the ground. it takes so much effort to get anything done. its definitely a downside of projects where you don’t see your coworkers in the lobby.

there seem to be very few weblogs in zurich, kinda disappointing. although i’m exploring some right now.. more later.

weblogs & jabber

jogger is a new service by that lets you update a weblog from within a jabber client.

it will be interesting to watch as they release their XML-RPC API.

with some work, it could probably be adapted to my favorite weblog system, postnuke

it would be great if the different weblogs would align their API…