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unconferences are so 2003

New York Times-bestselling author Thomas P.M. Barnett comes to Second Life in avatar form to speak on his Blueprint for Action– October 26, 11:30am-1pm PST. He’ll address us from the floor of a virtual UN building, speaking to an audience, one hopes, that’ll include Residents from around the globe– those in the Functioning Core, those in the Seam states, and with luck, even those from the Non-Integrating Gap itself.

barnett is very interesting, and this setting doubly so. i’ll most likely be there (as Kichiro Kawabata).
kichiro kawabata

best of wikipedia

wikipedia featured articles links to the cream of the crop at wikipedia. it will be educational to periodically review that page and assess whether the quality drive over there can produce top-notch articles in great numbers. one of the common critiques of wikipedia is that truly great articles are hard to emerge because the collaborative editing process is vulnerable to clueless editors. it is telling how many of the featured articles are in the realm of pop culture (where presumably, more editors can contribute meaningfully). i wonder at what point the growth of articles reaches a saturation point, and the editing process shifts towards refactoring?

in search of firewall-enabled videoconferencing

i have been researching various programs for videoconferencing. most solutions are based around SIP which does pose unreasonable demands on firewalls for now. maybe one day, when we have wrestled back the end-to-end principle. more specifically, when SIP proxies are widely available and are easy to install. in the meantime, here is a list:

not working

i’ll update the list as i investigate more applications. note that i only considered free solutions. there are quite a few subscription-based solutions, not sure about their firewall traversal abilities.

real time serendipity

dave winer:

What a small world. Gregor Rothfuss is in Zurich, ten minutes away from the Internet cafe I’m in. He’s coming over. Gregor is the OSCOM guy and was a semi-regular at Berkman Thursdays when he was living in the Boston area last year.

that was fun. all happened within a few minutes. we talked about lots of things, and i told dave bloggercon europe should be in eastern europe. dave seems to like poland, so i’ll see whether i can make some introductions to the people at the open society institute.

interesting irc channels on freenode

#cmf 4 Zope-CMF is the Zope Content Management Framework :: http://cmf.zope.org
#cocoon 6 Apache Cocoon (http://cocoon.apache.org/) and related matters (XSP, XSLT, XML, …)
#css 13 CSS Help
#issho 17
#javascript 18
#joiito 87 some beans that smell of ass
#mailman 5 #mailman at your service!
#mambo 8 Welcome to #mambo | www.mamboserver.com
#mobilewhack 8
#mobitopia 22 Welcome to SmoochTopia – http://mobitopia.com/ – Won’t you be my Valentine?
#mozilla 7 Unofficial Mozilla Help Station
#openacs 20 OpenACS Web Platform: http://openacs.org.
#openoffice.org 21 Not getting answers? try the users@openoffice.org mailing list
#orkut 27
#oscom 6 Discussion about open source CMS http://oscom.org
#plone 77 Plone 2.0final is *not* out (migration is buggy, a fix is available)
#postnuke 10 Postnuke :: The leading open-source CMS solution [www.postnuke.com]
#silva 7
#tikiwiki 32
#tomcat 20 Topic is: Latest stable versions of Tomcat are 5.0.18, 4.1.29, and 3.3.1a
#typo3 7 Typo3 Channel. The Best CMS!: http://www.typo3.org
#xml 37 XML, XSLT, XSL:FO, XSD, DTD, XPath, and more!
#zope 53 RTFM! :: Zope community chat transcript: http://tinyurl.com/zie3

one-way communication

i had a demo with webx yesterday to an audience that was 3000 miles away. it was quite weird to talk to an audience i could not see. not being able to parse facial expressions meant i had no clue whether my demo was going anywhere..

tools should enforce netiquette

Paradoxic: so given your apparent dislike for forums, you have never found any useful information off forum ?
Paradoxic: I find myself discovering a wealth of information off forums almost everyday
gregorrothfuss: i guess the kind of info i am looking for is not on forums
gregorrothfuss: and your in the business of caring about forums
gregorrothfuss: so that figures
Paradoxic: you have never found anything from a forum tho /
gregorrothfuss: well, maybe some posts from the googleguy
gregorrothfuss: but since most forums have horrible urls they are not indexed
gregorrothfuss: so how would i find the gems
Paradoxic: what is your solution for forums then
Paradoxic: there needs to be a way for communities to discuss
gregorrothfuss: forums are ok for nebies
gregorrothfuss: because novice web users do not realize they use the medium ineffectively
gregorrothfuss: if you work on the web all day, you appreciate better tools
Paradoxic: i don’t wanna argue with you on it, just seeing what solution is more effective
Paradoxic: mailing lists aren’t
gregorrothfuss: yeah
gregorrothfuss: mailing lists suck too
Paradoxic: you waste a shitload of time downloading useless crap
gregorrothfuss: for different reasons
gregorrothfuss: and blogs suck for yet other reasons
gregorrothfuss: i think you can do a lot with netiquette
gregorrothfuss: if you have good titles, concise posts, forums work well
gregorrothfuss: same for mailing lists
gregorrothfuss: i would focus on educating people how to use the tools properly
gregorrothfuss: seems the best ROI
gregorrothfuss: i wonder if tools can be made to enforce netiquette
gregorrothfuss: for instance, it should not be possible to send email without a subject
gregorrothfuss: that is just plain broken