potential delinquents
Many computer scientists are delinquents. They have committed sex crimes or are responsible for blood baths in their families. In my opinion, their brain got out of control with all the technology. As is generally known, computer scientists use cocaine. This increases imagination, and they can program more efficiently and creatively. No wonder when people with access to the world’s information on the Internet go crazy. I am convinced that we need surveillance organs for computer scientist who can take suspects out of commission.

journey to the north pole

On his latest expedition in February 2004, Ben set out from Cape Arktichevsky in Northern Siberia in an attempt to be the first person in the world to make a complete crossing of the frozen Arctic Ocean in a 1,240-mile journey ending in Canada, solo and unsupported. The expedition was a traumatic one: out of the four solo attempts, Ben was the only one to reach the North Pole. A Finnish woman died within 24 hours of being on the Arctic Ocean, a French Marine fell through thin ice and was rescued with severe frostbite and an American was airlifted out with frostbite and a broken ankle. Ben holds the record for the longest solo arctic trek by a Brit, and became the youngest person ever to reach the North Pole on May 11th 2004. After experiencing first hand conditions described by NASA and Environment Canada as ‘the worst on record’, Ben has raised international awareness regarding the extent to which climate change is affecting the Arctic. He noticed conditions that were up to 15 degrees warmer than in 2000, and had to negotiate vast, unprecedented areas of thinning ice and open water.

well worth a listen.

the origin of stupid nicknames

It’s _really_ amusing to look at AOL today and say “I know why users are limited to 10-character names.“, and see many other elements of the original PlayNet design unchanged (even though the reason for them is LONG gone). For example, the 10-character name limit was largely based on how many screen names we could display in the room header in chat within 4(?) 40-character lines on a C64 screen. Ditto the screen-name defaults (I remember us sitting around BS’ing about how we’d handle that, and conflicts- so now you have JoeS12345.)

geek journey

doug and frank on their journey with the geek tribe. i guess with mac os x now being ok, i could pull out some old apple stories if i ever do feel the need to jot it all down.

more waste coming

george has an update on the situation in crete:
today, a friend went to the hospital where the clinically dead kid’s life thread is sustained by machines to pay his respects to his family and had a brief chat with the kid’s brother. he was obviously devastated and told him that his life’s no longer important and that he will avenge his brother’s murder. the kid will become an organ donor any time today as his family asked the doctors to unplug him. you should know that it’s very easy to find a firearm or explosives in crete – a place where half the population possess non-registered weapons. vendetta is on the air and even the police seems frightened and with good reason. very ominous….in a nutshell, the entire island of crete is in a state of emotional turmoil, and the whole situation is very fragile.
the story has also been reported elsewhere.


george dafermos:
someone i kind of knew years ago was shot in the head three days ago when the car he was in refused to stop to the signs of a special police squad known as “special guards” in crete, greece.
oh wow. and these guys want to be in the eu.

what bad scifi can teach us

dave liloia alerted me to the sci fi movie nights at the harvard center for astrophysics.

The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics will screen a classic science fiction film on the first Thursday of each month. The series will explore the idea that “everything we learned about science, we learned from the movies.” Except for Camp-o-Rama, doors open at 6:45 pm and programs begin at 7:10 pm with a Flash Gordon serial. Movie begins at 7:30 pm.

the next installment on 12/6 features robot monster along with the well-known plan 9 from outer space:

Ro-Man, the most evil creature in the Universe, comes to Earth to kill everyone with his powerful death ray. Perhaps even outdoing Plan 9 From Outer Space as the Biggest Turkey Ever Made, Robot Monster is beyond belief…and that’s why it is so much fun to watch…but no more than once! Labeled a “Poverty Row Quickie” by film critics, this low budget 1950’s B film stars actors and directors who never should have come within a mile of a movie camera. Featuring imbecilic dialog and moronic costumes, this classic sub-schlock masterpiece rivals anything put out by Ed Wood! Starring: Who cares?