thanks for hosting

we had some downtime here the last few days. turns out something ate away at the free space on the RAID. fixed now! simultaneously, a table of my database got corrupted, so i was curious how the backup would hold up. it did fine, and i’m now fairly confident we can master most disasters, with an ext3 journaling file system on top of a RAID 1 configuration. thank you andreas for hosting my (600 MB and growing) site. i really appreciate it.

dear diary

its healthy to see some critisism on a friends blog. discourse invariably involves dissent, and having friends take you up on your writings is a nice change from blogging into the void, “dear diary” style. i would expect to have more and more conversations over the blog instead of email. blog death matches as spectator sport? deciding issues by a public poll? spreading memes?

as to the bone of contention, i will leave it up to the reader to assess my stance. those that know me shouldn’t have much difficulty to parse the post “correctly”.


a friend of mine is in jail on a $500’000 bail and facing second-degree murder charges. his gf had OD-ed, and is now in coma. sad, very sad.

danger signs

its disheartening to see how many of my friends are oozing boredom these days. rather than being active, they fool around with their gf / bf most of their waking moments, rarely leave their home, and are generally hesitant to do anything outside their daily chores. with friends like that, no wonder zurich holds increasingly less appeal. time to meet some new faces. danger signs to watch out for if you want to detect calcification.

  • “i don’t know. i have to ask my bf / gf”
  • “oh, monday night i’m ALWAYS going to see xyz”
  • “i have to work tomorrow” (no shit!)
  • “we decided to move out in the green.”
  • “i’m so busy. maybe we can meet in 3 weeks.”

home cinema

we will soon have the biggest, baddest home theater on the block. my roommate decided to empty his pockets for a yamaha home cinema amplifier and a top of the line video beamer with so many lumen that its not even funny. there will be many a movie night at my place, and a new pickup line: “do you want to see my beamer?”

GregorFriendz 5.0

its been 5 years since i started with my GregorFriendz series. GregorFriendz is about reaching out to my friends, celebrating them, thanking them, and cheering them on. in this tradition, let me get started on this years issue.

what has 2001 been like. for me, it was the year when i went global and virtual, and reemphasized connecting. let me explain:

go global

i spent a third of this year in asia. bangkok, thailand to be precise. the time was well spent. it was a powerful notion when i realized that i could be working from anywhere on the globe. granted you hear these statements all the time, but to experience it firsthand is an altogether different matter. in fact, while i was in my internship in thailand, i worked for a project in zurich, switzerland (where i had come from) connectivity to the world was provided with a simple dialup line, like you would find in any hotel room in the world. with a notebook in my suitcase, it would have been just as easy to work from hong kong as it has been from bangkok.

my past experiences with travel have been different. travel as a tourist was always fraught with uncertainties about money or time running out. in contrast, with my source of income always with me in my suitcase, i could stay in one place as long as i wanted, and move on whenever i felt like it. maybe a little too simplistic a view, but a very liberating one nonetheless.

go virtual

going global would of course not have been possible without going virtual at the same time. as i increasingly relied on facilities of the internet to get my work done, i became aware how powerful tools make all the difference. for instance, during my stay in bangkok i collaborated with ben who was in mexico at the time to organize a talk series in zurich. we used the facilities of our personal web logs / diaries to keep in touch, and learn about new ideas. web logging, or the culmination of my thoughts in a non intrusive way, empowered me to achieve things that might have been very difficult, if not nearly impossible by other means.

i was hooked. towards the end of my internship, i began to participate in the development of a weblog system, postnuke. i realized that the vision of that project coincided with my vision on the future of online collaboration. i have had a strong interest in the field for several years. however, 2001 was really the year when it all came together in a big way. i strongly believe in the vision these tools offer, and, murphy-willing, i will base my business on some of these ideas.


enough technobabble already. at the root of the aforementioned phenomenons lies a decidedly non-tech cause. its got to do with community building, and the network effects that result from it. also a familiar topic for GregorFriendz regulars, this is the reason i am doing all this. sharing thoughts with friends has produced very powerful results in 2001. onward!

whats in store for 2002?

2002 will be the year where i get to know every nook and cranny of my room as i prepare for my final exams starting in january. with that top priority out of the way, i want to continue working on weblog solutions, and as always, pursue new opportunities with vigor. almost nothing in 2001 came about by a great master plan, so i’ll avoid setting my sights too keenly on specific goals. hows that for an evasive new years resolution? i wish all of you a great 2002), and may your dreams come true as you work to fulfill them.


GregorFriendz are, in alphabetical order:

sabrina amgwerd

after an absence, we are talking again. lets see to it that 2002 continues in this regard.

roger amgwerd

our long-standing interest in role playing received a new boost with the release of the brilliant lord of the rings.

):-) adam_baum (greg)

howdy stranger 😉 greg, one of the project admins of postnuke, sent me a nice xmas message, and is generally a nice guy as far as i can tell. he hails from canada, and even though i don’t know his real name, its been fun.

oliver “rocco” belin

rocco helped me to keep my sanity in a place that is insane by western standards. even if it meant doing the insane thing now and again. thanks.

andreas bobak

flatmate no 1), kept the servers running smoothly and continues to be inspirational with his abstrakt portal.

):-) john “niceguyeddie” cox

john is the fearless leader of the postnuke project and made me feel at home in a global project that spans 4 continents. his sense of humor and easygoing manner prevented many disasters in the sometimes frantic pace of development.

benjamin danech

the man with the trumpet. seriously cool guy who is making heroic efforts to convince me that jazz is worth listening to.

sinan demokan

sinan has been a reliable companion in the messy ups and downs that is corporate life since 1999.

balint dobozi

the man is trying to have it both ways. producing dance hits under funny pseudonyms and finishing his studies. so far with great success.

marton dobozi

not content to produce a 3d walkthrough of the zurich main station, marton set off to senegal to experience malaria firsthand. he is back, and alive.

elke engel

while not busy travelling in india or the middle east, elke is forging ahead with her very unique style. kudos.

may erne

former roleplay mate may is covering recent events from the inside. in his spare time he can be seen studying at columbia university, new york.

):-) andreas feuz

andy forewent the lush beaches of zurich for the scant ones of cyprus. many eons ago he tried to teach me some business manners, lessons i can draw on to this day.

sven furrer

sparrow sven has been known to answer phones when other people are soundly asleep. to say he knows everyone in zurich is probably an understatement.

florian gnaegi

flatmate no 2), having survived his worst year (by his own admission) is bound to rock the tech world again. a project to watch in 2002.

diana graemiger

diana introduced me to the finer points of censoring. with constant vigilance she made sure everyone was pictured favorably in my gallery.

sandra “sa” greminger

a regular at our parties, sa makes sure a good time is had by all. sven & myself have an outstanding offer to go out that we should “implement” next year.

roger hacmac

currently missing in action in some godforsaken corner of sweden, roger is bound to return to zurich to fill his contact list once more.. 😉

(-E mike hampel

mike has ways to introduce me to wonderfully strange people and music. if my neurons cope, this will hopefully be the case in the future also.

sabine hanimann

locked in her room for the past year, she went where i will go in 2002), to the final exams at university. i hope she has not lost her subtle sense of humor in the process.

rene herrmann

rene is having a hard time fighting off the idiots that surround him at his place of study. he copes with a sense of humor that leaves you gasping for air.

oliver hoeffleur

maybe my 4-year allegiance with kpmg had more to do with this guy than with the company..

guido innerhofer

afer having spent months on role-playing scenarios, guido is the designated expert for computer-based roleplaying.

christine ito

one of these years we will throw a birthday party again. if we ever happen to be in the same place at the same time, that is..

fabian jaeger

chameleon. is shedding his craftsman roots for fulltime student, without the silly side-effects. funny actions are still part of the game, though.

andrea kaul

every other year we get on bad terms, 2001 included. i dunno about the future though.

):-) sonja kraner

a good friend, transcending distances of 10’000 km with a phone call.

stephan kuhn

easygoing and inclusive, stephan made sure i had a good time in his company during my internship.

stef leone

we no longer go out regularly until the wee hours, but if we do it continues to rock.

derk louwerse

while we dont meet very often, derk always has his heart in the right place. thanks for your end-of-year thoughts.

fabienne meier

fay, as fabienne is also known, sure knows how to chill out. can be a very cool pal when in the mood.

thomas meier

showed me that snowboarding is not the hopeless case i had thought it would be.

iris mittendorfer

i would love to go climbing with you, but then again my shoulders don’t allow that anymore.

):-) markus naef

we picked up the thread after a multi-year hiatus, to arrive at very similar conclusions coming from very different backgrounds. will be interesting to carry these thoughts forward.

dominik ogilvie

dominiks fine taste of music and varied interests made working with him a pleasure.

):-) george paxinos

the impersonation of murphys laws, george showed me time and again that what can go wrong, will. the efforts spent on his computer are bound to pay off sometime soon, aren’t they?

):-) daniel puskas

old buddy is throwing a sylvester party. might as well check it out, for i haven’t seen daniel in a while.

asti roesle

stopping by in zurich to finish her studies, asti has been very inspirational. having been in corners of the world i don’t even know how to spell, her tales are as funny as they are educational.

tobias romer

hard to reach, but a good sport to do things off the beaten path. looking forward to excentric ideas in 2002.

christine rothfuss

its not easy to be a sister is it. christine manages with no problems. her efforts to introduce me to the horn-glasses crowd may break my resistance next year..

mom & dad rothfuss

i regard it as a privilege to have been raised by these fine folks. not to talk of the ongoing support. thanks a lot.

monika schilling

moni has THE most beautiful appartment in zurich. oughta pay a visit sometime soon 😉

philipp spinner

philipp is so diligent he makes more than up for my lazyness. has been known to man the battle stations at the office while i was “away” in the east.

christian stettler

gave me a seriously needed valve for stress reduction with fragging.

daniel szakats

how this guy manages to be both a sucessful dj and study is beyond me. dany will share my pain next year with the preparations for the final exams.

teddy tirziu

his keen design sense has inspired my room, even though i cannot yet afford the furniture he sells..

):-) regula utzinger

an achiever, regula relentlessly uncovered the weak spots in my thinking, for which i am grateful.

eric vido

not be outdone, eric maintains an air of cool. its always fun to hang out with this guy.

benjamin voigt

the visionary. not content with the state of the art, ben pushes steadily forward. many inspirations this year would have gone nowhere without him.

christoph widmoser

introduced me to surfing and shares my interest in digital photography. thanks christoph.

):-) andreas wobmann

jovial andreas currently resides in greater london, a place high on my list to visit.

thamar xandry

busy as always, its not so easy to get in touch with thamar, but its been well worth it every time. the amount i learn when i meet her is staggering.

harry zink

another member of the postnuke core team, harry remained level-headed when i was getting angry at the stupidity of our users or somesuch.

the older issues of GregorFriendz may be of historical interest: I (1997) | II (1998) | III (1999) | IV (2000)