sushi dinner 2004

and I are conspiring to host my 7th annual sushi fest. This year it
will be held at 9:00 PM on Thursday, December 9th. The dinner
coincides with the first night of “Votes, Bits and Bytes“, The Berkman Center for Internet & Society’s
conference about the impact of technology on politics. The location
will be near Harvard Square with more specific details on the way.

mark your calendar! i’ll send out an invite shortly, if you want to be on the list and i don’t know you, leave a comment below.

zurich cityecho

the initial issue of zurich cityecho is now available. billed as a monthly event magazine, it offers better service than existing event rags, to wit:

  • More location details
  • More non-mainstream events
  • less advertising

while some of the details of this new magazine are still in flux, there is hope that it can offer options beyond the house / R&B wasteland that is the conventional wisdom. i wish these guys luck. disclaimer: my sister christine is one of the founders of cityecho.


phil writes:

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on some ideas for a Java object cache and now there’s some code to back it up. Seth Fitzsimmons was kind enough to go to the trouble of writing some code and setting up some project space on That’s where you can monitor our progress.
From what I can tell, Whirlycache is the fastest Java object cache around today. I’d love to know if I am wrong about that.

maybe there is hope beyond jcs and jisp?


my friend doug is easing into his new role at MGM Mirage as technology coordinator for permission-based email campaigns. to this end, he created emailcrew: aspires to be to email marketing professionals what A List Apart (ALA) is to web design professionals; a forward-thinking resource for the responsible yet effective design and distribution of content. Where ALA focuses on the browser, EmailCrew will focus on the email client and the tools and techniques used to deliver opt-in, permission-based, rich-media email campaigns.

it will be interesting to watch this one unfold with pundits declaring the death of email.


i bought a ticket zrh-bos-zrh today only to learn that i will miss michi (who is coming to the us as i leave) when he comes back from australia on august 4th. i will leave on the same day.

dns tunnel

Compass Security hat in Zusammenarbeit mit der Fachhochschule Rapperswil (HSR) durch die Diplomanden Rene Herrmann und Christian Bernet eine Test-Suite für DNS Tunneling entwickelt. Dabei handelt es sich um ein Windows Client Programm, welches mit einem Compass DNS Server via DNS Pakete in Verbindung treten will. Gelingt dies, kann der DNS Tunnel Test gestartet werden. Andernfalls wird eine Info Box angezeigt, dass das Netzwerk gegenüber DNS Tunneling geschuetzt ist.

what do you know. my friend rene herrmann implemented a sneaky little dns tunnel. that kid needs a web site..