Six etoy.AGENTS arrived at ARCO today, penetrating Hispanic culture. After intense confrontations with security personnel, etoy.CORPORATION attained dealership status at the ARCO art fair, and thus access to one of Europe’s most important contemporary art markets. Accompanied by a crew of Spanish national TV (RTVE 2), and corporate as well as press photographers, etoy.SALES-AGENTS entered business contacts with dominant gallerists. etoy.CORPORATION offers certified art dealers a special, limited discount on etoy.SHARES in order to promote the private share placement. Only with significant benefits and high sales volumes, etoy.COPRORATION considers an alliance with intermediary services.

i love you too

Friends John, Bruce, Kent, Drew, Gregor, Linda, Llama-Dave, Rob, Mel and many others all stay in regular (or at least semi-regular) touch with me via IM and email. The phone still works, but these Internet tools generally make contact more convenient and/or immediate. I miss all these people, but everyday proves the shortest distance between two friends is the Internet, at least those who are geographically separated.

i can attest to doug’s testimonial. lets just say that i would be very sad right now if i could not maintain contact with people dear to me over the internet.