le pacte des loups

was one of the better films of recent memory. a well-developed story, great action, good photography, and some subtle historical references all woven into a 150 minute movie. highly recommended. i would have linked to the french site, but it doesn’t really work, so here is the english site.

philandering (or not)

continuing my research on the mating behavior of zurichans, i checked out partnerwinner. scary shit. people pay 15 bucks a month to have their picture online, and a minimal description that reinforces stereotypes. note how two of these poor girls have their picture taken in front of the same backdrop.. zueridate? who knows. another funny dating service i checked out a while ago keeps sending me (or my alter ego rather) ads from horny housewives. the mind boggles.

why do you endure such pain gregor-san?

curiosity, purging the mind from obese study topics, satisfying your voyeurism, and taking chances.

sorry excuse for a movie

watch out for people who have read the book or watched the movie (or both, ugh) and liked it. a danger sign. these people are bad for you. the movie is harry potter in case you didn’t figure it out :)

i hate you compaq

the stupid fucks over at compaq hide their product downloads behind a non working javascript form. one has to be lethally stupid to make it impossible to get free support. WTF. i need a bios upgrade because my armada m700 doesn’t like wifi cards. ARRRGH

die compaq die.

zurichs underbelly

i decided to participate in the 20min community. seems like they have a lot of users, are very popular in zurich (no wonder, being a free newspaper) and their web section is run by teens who are a) cheap b) innovative. a smart move on their part. they have all kinds of services, like an “i’m i hot or not?” clone, a dating service and more. unfortunately their community is only visible with a login, or i would link to some of the most hilarious entries. it seems like some fun can be had, we shall see..


sven invited me over to dinner, and we had an awesome time. afterwards, he brought out his new hookah, and we enjoyed its unique tobacco flavor. a keeper :) evidence

good tunes

i collected a couple nice tunes over the last few months. need to fetch them one of these days.

  • k-pop
  • Sarah Tokyo
  • electro
  • Primal Scream Kill all Hippies
  • Ladytron He took her to a movie
  • FischerSpooner Emerge
  • Felix Da Housecat Madame Hollywood
  • Underworld Luetin
  • G-Pal Aegan Sea
  • Miss Kittin and the Hacker 1982
  • Michael Forshaw Work that Mutha
  • E-Dancer Velocity Funk
  • Foremost Poets Pressin On
  • Silicone Soul Right on, Right on
  • Kirk Degiorgio Presents as One Contours
  • Step Sly featuring Shawna Sulek (Re)mind Dreams
  • Green Velvet La La Land
  • MRI Data Boogie
  • Anthony Rother Little Computer People Project
  • Add N to X Plug me In
  • Alexander Kowalski Delicious
  • Swayzak Make up your mind
  • Gus Gus Dance you Down
  • Sunday Brunch – No Resistance
  • akufen installation
  • slam lifetimes
  • Two Lone Swordsmen Machine Maid
  • drum & bass
  • Ming and FS
  • Reload Le soleil et la Mer
  • hip hop
  • MC Solaar Solaar pleure
  • Derrick Carter Where you at?
  • house
  • Blaze Do you remember house?
  • Thick Dick Insatiable
  • Ian Pooley Missing You
  • experimental
  • jan jelinek ~scape loop-finding-jazz-records
  • trip hop
  • Fila Brazillia Moloko Lotus Eaters
  • Luomo Tessio
  • RJD2 The chicken-bone circuit
  • RJD2 Good Times Roll Part 2
  • New Order 80s songs
  • Stereo MC The other side
  • St. Etienne Heart Failed..
  • Bjork Violently Happy
  • Bugs Wrapped Up
  • Bugs Filed under X
  • Marc Moulin Into the Dark
  • +++ Groove Armada My Friend
  • dimitri after the playboy mansion
  • astralwerks nakedmusic collection
  • gilles peterson worldwide
  • alex gopher the child
  • digable planets blowout comb
  • cardigans life
  • st. germain
  • snooze the man in the shadow
  • tosca fuck dub
  • 2 Many DJs As heard on radio soulwax
  • laurent garnier the man with the red face
  • St. Germain Rose rouge
  • fatboy slim: groove armada: at the river
  • mo horizons: nicola conte basic instinct III RMX
  • vienna scientists aromabar where is your moon
  • april stevens: do it again
  • dj carsten (switzerland): aftersun
  • bent: I love my man
  • deja move: the beats are
  • Basement Jaxx Just 1 Kiss
  • Nightmares on Wax les nuits
  • underworld Lemon interrupt
  • The Avalanches Frontier Psychatrist