bad boy balmer

just came back from borders where i read most of bad boy balmer. an entertaining read, although not very insightful. take-home messages? maybe that a very visible commitment to a cause can do you good.

XML hidden powers

a recent article made me feel guilty about hyping up XML. ed dumbill goes after all of them with

HyTime Award for Specifications with Secret Hidden Powers
Dave Winer’s OPML

Most Technically Deficient Initiative Kept Alive by Marketing Dollars

Lazarus Award for Seemingly Doomed Yet Surprisingly Persistent Initiative

when pixels collide: photoshop tennis

some guys over at coudal are battling it out with photoshop. the rule: you add a layer, go wild, pass the file to your opponent, his turn, until either of you gives in.. later on, the winner is found by popular vote. sure beats ice hockey as a spectator sport :)

gurten festival: morcheeba!

tonite @ gurten: morcheeba. i will be there.

yes please.

no thanks.

16:00 – 17:00 Jan Delay
17:00 – 18:00 Third World
18:00 – 19:00 GMF Gran Orquesta feat. Carlos (Sens Unik)
19:00 – 20:30 The Young Gods
20:30 – 21:30 Subzonic
21:30 – 23:00 Morcheeba
23:00 – 24:00 Fun Lovin’ Criminals
24:00 – 01:30 Erykah Badu
01:30 – 02:30 St. Germain
02:30 DJ Stephane B. from Superfunk