clueless email of the day

received the following email in the lenya developer mailing list moderation queue today:

Dear Lenya,
I am a researcher here at Vault, the career information company, and I believe
that you work at Apache. I am contacting you to invite you to share your
thoughts on corporate culture, recruiting, and other career topics at Apache (or
another current/former employer) by filling out this brief anonymous online

spooky technology

last night, when i came home and put my bike in the cellar, i heard music, all of a sudden. freaked me out quite a bit in the dark. turns out, it was the laptop in my backpack picking up a wifi signal and restarting the stream i had been listening to at work.

elektronik supersonik

The tiny Eastern European republic of Molvania was disqualified from the Eurovision Song Contest this year.
Zladko Zlad Vladcik was to perform his very popular techno-ballad, Elektronik – Supersonik – described as a melodic fusion combining hot disco rhythms with cold war rhetoric.

hard to believe with lyrics like this:

Hey baby, wake up from your asleep.
We have arrived unto the future
And the whole world is become…
Elektronik supersonik
Supersonik elektronik