CMS specialists

The Certified Metrication Specialist (CMS) program is the only bona-fide metric certification program available. It is a carefully monitored program under the direction of some of the nation’s top metric-system experts who operate as the USMA Certified Metrication Specialist Board. The CMS program is designed to provide documentary evidence for individuals who can qualify as metric specialists because of their education and experience in the use of the modern metric system which is known as SI (the International System of Units).


arrived safely back in zurich after an excellent dessert at finale in cambridge. much recommended.

Desserts are our passion. Finale’s mission is to be the universally recognized brand of super-premium desserts, just as Starbucks is to coffee. To accomplish this feat, we are creating sensational dessert experiences in a chain of upscale, full-service, dessert-focused restaurants we call ‘Desserteries.’

streams of music and water

those oxfam kids, they are cool. check this out:

We’re really pleased to make our music available to download from Big Noise Music. Music has always been a powerful force for change and this is a really innovative way of raising money for charity and giving people great music. Maxi Jazz, Faithless.

still growing up

my friend teddy called me earlier: “any plans for tonight? yes, busy busy. well.. i’ve got tickets for peter gabriel. oh, i think i can make time after all.” so he picks me up in his mercedes convertible, and before i know it peter starts working the crowd. as a gabriel newbie, i could focus on the gadgets: segway-riding for “games without frontiers”, into-a-big-bouncy-transparent-sphere-climbing and rolling-around-the-stage for “still growing up”, and some funky-low-fi-bulb-jacket for “sledgehammer”. i liked the show quite a bit, and also the story about the growing up of an apache kid who was deserted on a hilltop for 14 days after having been bitten by a snake. i’m glad i don’t have to earn my merit that way..