google number

As one consultant finished listing some of his Fortune 100 clients, I said, That’s nice, but what’s your Google number? Puzzled looks soon overcame everyone in the room. Google number? What’s that? I quickly explained that it was a rough-order measure of your reputation and influence as a thought-leader – it is how much buzz, or word-of-mouth, you have as an expert.

If your Google Number is around …

  • 100 or less – keep your day job and start publishing
  • 400 – do a nice web site and publish more
  • 800 – t is probably safe to hang out your shingle
  • 1,000 – you are getting some real attention
  • 2,000 – you are well known in your field
  • 5,000 – you are an often quoted expert in your field – a thought-leader
  • 10,000 – Dave Ulrich
  • 23,500Gregor J. Rothfuss
  • 50,000 – Tom Peters
  • 100,000 – Peter Drucker

too much fun, via seb

plebes recognition

Superhero search engine Google leads the global choice among 1,315 respondents with 15 percent of the vote, climbing to the top from last year’s fourth place position. Runners-up were Apple, Coca-Cola, and Starbucks.

thanks google

google came to my rescue yesterday when i scrambled to access information about the exam i had today. due to a screwup on my part i had been locked out of my apartment, and hence my study materials. i went to my parents, and used their cable modem to query google about the subjects of my exam. not only did i get dozens of papers for each keyword, those lecture notes were often much better than the one provided by my university. i was thus able to understand many key concepts at the last minute, because i was able to pick the lecture note that explained it best for each topic. applied more broadly, this means that lecture notes from one university have to compete with hundreds of others because i can instantly compare them. more empowerment for me, and the incompetence of most faculty members becomes obvious.