safer browsing

here is what i am currently using to make browsing safer and less annoying:

  • Use Firefox (duh)
  • Don’t install the Flash plugin
  • Turn off “Allow sites to set cookies” and keep a small whitelist
  • Use NoScript to only allow javascript on a small number of sites
  • Install this hosts file to remove most advertising
  • Use TargetKiller to get rid of pages opening up in new windows
  • Disable Java

It’s amazing how much faster and pleasant the web becomes if you take the garbage out..

where are the good javascript coders?

jim ley on the deplorable state of javascript knowledge:

What is it about javascript that makes companies just not understand it? Google has generally produced good software, but like just about every other company in the world, they just can’t do anything with javascript. Why?

it has been generally hard to recruit good javascript coders for either bxe or kupu. they are a rare commodity indeed.