say hello to the real time enterprise

For many organizations little has changed, and executives are still making key decisions based on batches of sales, manufacturing, and other critical data that is days, weeks, or even months old. In an information-driven economy, where competitors are acting on what’s happening now and not what happened last month, the batch approach just isn’t good enough.
<silvan> ego ego in the chat, did they fill our purse yet?
<kwaEgo> Dear silvan, the purse is as full as CHF 27.50

enterprise weblog tool

traction teampage

Traction TeamPage is an enterprise weblog for information sharing within and among business teams. Traction makes collecting, organizing, and publishing information to the web or intranet as easy as using email. Traction uses the combination of the web, office desktop, and email to deliver a dramatically more effective communication, collaboration and knowledge-sharing medium that presents business information and working communications in context, over time.

syndicated photography feeds

Syndicated Photography Feeds is a database of information about photographs available on the web. We present the work of photographers who have made information about their images available as an RSS feed. RSS is a simple document format based on XML that is used to syndicate web-based content. A pheed is simply an rss feed that has been extended to include information about photographs; a photo feed. The links to the left will show you how to create an rss pheed and include information about your photographs in our database.

more mail2blog

MrB-log: Lowering the threshold

i can post in html with my email client to my blog (through a special email-address linked to it), selecting multiple categories.(by specifying them in a X-Categories custom mail header). Attachments to the email are automatically placed in the right location.

interesting. of course, such functionality is crucial for moblogging too. the moment of release is coming nearer, but there is a place to play in the meantime.

calendaring low hanging fruit

what i love about this blog stuff is that there are so many low hanging fruit. wherever you look, it is just a matter of mixing various xml dialects. and we haven’t really figured out what large-scale namespace intertwingling will bring either, but the permutative power is obvious.
invariably, my thoughts center around various PIM functions that could be enhanced by weblog technology, such as calendaring and mind mapping. i have yet to delve deeper into the mind mapping stuff, but calendaring has some interesting starting points:

i left out the earlier research i did on calendaring, and there is also my rendered calendar which is unfortunately behind a realm due to configuration issues.
in any event, it may make sense to define yet another link tag (is there a central registry somewhere?) to point to your iCal file, enabling auto discovery. how about
<link rel=”calendar” type=”text/x-xcal” title=”calendar” href=”” />
the type is of course always debatable. i am following prior art here i think. now, to weave these loose ends into something compelling..

visitor geography

Montevideo, , UY
Amsterdam, , NL
Chantilly, Virginia, US
Ottawa, Ontario, CA
Newark, New Jersey, US
Redmond, Washington, US
Zurich, Zurich, CH
San Antonio, Texas, US
Foster City, California, US
Amsterdam, North Holland, NL
Pasadena, California, US
Princeton, New Jersey, US
Reston, Virginia, US
Fairfax, Virginia, US
Plano, Texas, US
Creve Coeur, Missouri, US
San Jose, California, US
Wellesley, Massachusetts, US
Milton, New South Wales, AU
Milton, , AU
Vaasa, Vaasa, FI
Palo Alto, California, US
Chelmsford, Massachusetts, US
are some of my recent visitors, according to CAIDA. the mapping between IP addresses and coordinates is far from perfect though. this will not change until GPSML or similar services are baked into the internet infrastructure. collecting geographical data on the side and correlating it with your posts (and those of others, think neighborhood aggregators) strikes me as an interesting experiment in spatial serendipity.

fun with blogrolls

i tried to synchronize between my newsfeeds and, using their OPML import feature. unfortunately, it does not work. not even with special tools.
as usual, the workable solution was to install yet another MT plugin, do yet another scp to get my OPML from my aggregator onto my blog, which then gets rendered as my blogroll. so far so good, but i hate to do all this crap again to keep the two in sync. this weblog stuff is still far too fragmented. we need better integration.
i also added a new blogroll link tag to my template in the hope that some interesting autodiscovery (like autofoaf) will go on. it seems there is no consensus on the tag as of yet though, some use type=”text/x-opml”, others type=”application/opml+xml”