marrying email & weblogs

a lot of productivity stems from the use of email. likewise, a lot of productivity is lost by having to deal with massive email archives. plus, email tends to be unmanageable for most people once it leaves their inbox and disappears into some email folder (or more likely, is deleted)

as john udell discusses in NNTP, IMAP, And The Semantic Web, email needs to be better integrated with other technologies. i have a few ideas how this might be done with weblogs.

  • mail-to-weblog gateway: converts mails to weblog posts, and

    replies to comments by analyzing the message id of the email
  • map email addresses of a mailing list with user accounts of a weblog
  • add a X-Topic header to email to facilitate integration into a weblog
  • assign categories to imap folders -> match with weblog
  • attach discussion on imap folder / imap messages

the goal should be to make most email traffic google searchable. google has become so important that if your content is not in google, it could as well not exist. this is exaggerated, but has a point.

let a thousand weblogs bloom

i have started to read the lexus and the olive tree, a book about globalization. it has many inspiring thoughts in it. it got me thinking what i could do to unlock some value that is hidden within the brains of my surroundings. raising literacy and the level of discourse is an obvious candidate. therefore, my aim is to make it easier for folks to communicate their thoughts and share it with others. this comes down to setting up a lot of new weblogs, making it easy to connect them to each other, and so on. i’d like to do these things:

  • Provide an out-of-the-box weblog system for rainbow customers
  • Promote weblog usage and research into their significance through cooperation with the publicistics department at University of Zurich.
  • Promote weblog usage among friends and family by assisting them & teaching them
  • Move more of my communication to weblogs, ie think of ways to attach email flows to my weblog
  • Research more on the topic of managment by weblog.

company weblogs expose non-performing resources

over at john robb, there is a discussion about whether having a company weblog can work.

  • Problem #1: most people are not passionate about their work.
  • Problem #2: most companies don’t see the value of having people document anything, much less their daily thoughts.
  • Problem #3: most people are not good writers.
  • Problem #4: people only have so much writing in them every day.
  • Problem #5: most

    people, if they write well enough and often enough to be useful, will

    eventually write something that the company disagrees with.

metacontent for weblogs

john robb has a nice idea. he wants to develop a single categorization system for weblogs. this would allow for far greater control over content aggregation via rss, and would, as robb rightly points out, greatly increase reader productivity. i wonder if something like this would be feasible by building on an opml category hierarchy, as opposed to a full ontology?