the state of open source content management

my article on the state of open source content management is now available, via content-wire. the blurb reads:

Content management is no exception to this shift toward open source tools. Gregor J. Rothfuss writes about the current state of open source content management and identifies the important applications that will continue to evolve in the next 10 years. Rothfuss describes the progress on a standard for repository-based content (JSR 170) and the fascinating advances driven by software for online collaboration used by open source projects. Finally, he provides a snapshot of the leading open source CMSs – Apache Lenya, Midgard, OpenCms, Plone, and TYPO3. Based on the concepts and applications Rothfuss describes, open source projects will continue to challenge the market position of the traditional vendors by promoting open standards and innovation.

a new cocoon from apache

it’s nice to get press even if it is not as clued-in as it could be:

Version 2.1.5 fixes numerous issues with the framework and is available for Unix and Windows environments. Stephano Mazzocchi who just last week was elected to the Apache Software Foundation’s Board of Directors, suggests that v2.1.5 is the most stable version yet released. In general, the community touts Cocoon’s XML framework as the “Web glue for your Web application development needs.”
One of the direct Apache Cocoon sponsored projects, currently in incubation (not a fully ASF supported project) that relies on Cocoon is a Web content management system known as Lenya. The latest Cocoon release fixes at least one critical bug that will make Lenya more functional, according to Lenya committer Gregor Rothfuss.
“We were quite happy to see it resolved,” he said.
The next Lenya CMS release is scheduled for release in the next two weeks.

you heard it, people. lenya 1.2 should be out soon :)

what’s up with that

Unable to create templates for stylesheet:
debugging support for XSLT in cocoon is beyond bad. it’s nonexistent. one has to conclude that no one ever has to debug xslt in cocoon..