the services economy has barely begun

There are over 2 billion literate, mobile phone subscribers in the developing world, many living on less than $5 a day. Corporations pay people to accomplish millions of simple text-based tasks.txteagle enables these tasks to be completed via text message by ordinary people around the globe.

between harnessing slacker energy and txteagle, we have not even scratched the surface of outsourcing. if you are an anti-outsourcing douchetard, it is time to dig in your heels. you won’t like the future.

accidental wearables

i made a very geeky discovery on the commute today. if i put something between the lids of my notebook while carrying it in my bag, i can keep the notebook on while walking. instant ipod at no additional cost. since i rarely part from my bag, this could be described as my first wearable. now, for some interesting applications:

  • listening to chris lydon interviews
  • give text-to-speech software a run for its money
  • eventually receive location-aware annotations

outdoor 9-5

ThinkPad X30 Series Extended Life Battery

All-day computing is a reality (up to 8 hours on select systems) when combined with system battery with the ThinkPad X30 Series Extended Life Battery. This unique battery can be added to the bottom of the ThinkPad X30 notebook to provide up to 8.0 hours of computing on select models.

this is my next computing-related purchase. i already get 4 hours out of the current battery, and it spoiled me. gone are the days running from outlet to outlet. that is a whole 9-5 without one recharge. impressive.

wireless transaction servers

occasionally, there is still a gem to be found in the slashdot crowd.
in response to the announcement of an apache port to windows ce, len produced this nugget:

The WinCE apache thing, but then it hit me.

It isn’t about the general type of web server that we know and love. It’s about a portable transaction platform!

Imagine that you are a salesman, contractor or other individual who travels and does business with many different people in many different places. If you had a 802.11 (I don’t think bluetooth will make it) enabled Jornada or iPaq, then you could carry a web-based transaction server with you, wherever you go. You wouldn’t need a fixed IP, nor a constant broadband link to the internet.

You could hop on to your client’s wireless LAN, or establish a peer-to-peer link to make your transaction server (e-business whatever) appear local to your clients. They could do business with you, and you take your web-site and data with you when you leave. In this way, you could use a near universal interface (web browser) to handle customer interactions, without having to scrawl all of the information in by a flaky pen-based interface.

This would be a very cheap way of doing business, with less threat of being cracked by some script kiddie.