marc canter on microcontent

marc canter gave a talk about microcontent to the berkman weblog group this evening (remotely over a free trial). it was most excellent, and while i had an idea what would be coming, i was still surprised by the scope of marc’s vision. this is something oscom should support, as it offers a migration path from content silos to new applications and services based on top of open source content. marc is evangelizing his ideas on a tucows-sponsored tour in Q1 2005.

daisy 1.0 is out

Daisy is a comprehensive content management application framework, consisting of a standalone repository server accessible through HTTP/XML and a high-level (remote) Java API, and an extensive Daisy browsing and editing DaisyWiki application. Daisy is licensed under the commercially-friendly Apache License 2.0.

congrats to steven, bruno and crew. the feature set looks quite intriguing. i wish i could be at the cms shootout in ghent, arje teased me about it at oscom4. here’s to learning and sharing!

nigeria talk

so it turns out that one of the proposals we received for oscom.4 was a scam from someone in nigeria to get a visa to switzerland and then disappear.. i was wondering about the low quality of that particular proposal.

towards a CSS skins repository?

If standards conscious designers already follow conventions, then the stage is set. So I decided to look at forty designers’ sites to see what conventions were being used in common page elements like headers and banners, navigation, content and footers. Here’s what I found.

it makes a lot of sense to standardize on common container names like header, content, navigation. this allows to share CSS across sites and create a nice CSS skin repository. bergie, who pointed me to this, seems to agree. maybe OSCOM should set up a set of “recommended div elements” and start a CSS repository that uses them?