pricing transparency

two google posts within a couple hours. must be a trend. froogle is collecting products that are on sale, and offers search (duh). its currently in beta, but once you get aggregated products from tens of thousands of sites, it gets interesting. conceivably, this increases pricing transparency (as you discover substitutes etc), and eliminates more slack out of the economic system. better prices for consumers -> greater good.

also if your bored, check out the glossary. always something new to learn. yummy: fistula N. (L. fistula, pipe) pathological or artificial pipe-like opening; water-conducting vessel – alt. trachea

update: joshua allen thinks this innocent service will turn into something completely different: if you could “push” your web pages to Google to be indexed, and Google already caches those pages for access, why would you even have a web server? If you publish to Google’s cloud, you get automatic indexing, metadata like who is linking to you, and more. And Google can add little semantic web-like features such as web quotes every few months to keep you hooked. Then, the advantages of a central index really kick in when metadata starts to explode. Obviously Google isn’t pushing the “we made a better Internet” angle yet, but they could — and the fact that they are so carefully surrounding key strategic bits of territory is not a coincidence.

google dating

In the singles world, for instance, Google dating running prospective beaus through the search engine is now standard practice. If the facts about a suitor stack up, then you can not only go on the date with confidence, but you know what to talk about. “If I find out he’s a runner, for instance, that’s something I know we have in common, and I’ll say that I’m a runner, too,” says Krissy Goetz, a 24-year-old interactive designer in New York City. The first thing a Google virgin attempts is the often humbling experience of typing one’s own name into the query line. The next search is inevitable – a Google dragnet to determine the fate of old flames. A Nobel Prize awaits the theorist who determines a formula that calculates the number of minutes one can use Google before excavating the wreckage of sunken relationships. “It’s comforting to know what they’ve been up to,” says Gavin MacDonald, 29), who’s checked up on four of his former sweethearts.

spot-on. unfortunately, until everyone uses the internet (and leaves marks), the search is stacked against netizens. then again, i don’t mind if someone informs herself before she meets me. and if someone gets beyond the scary pics in the gallery, well what can i say :)