extendible name service: another hailstorm contender

xns.org has been developing xns for several years and aims for the hailstorm space. it seems like every day brings a new initiative in the web services arena. note to self: i ought to write up a comparison of the various identity services that are being developed:

  • hailstorm
  • xmlstoragesystem
  • xns

oh my!

JXTA, JAX, .Net, ONE.. What a mess

i am still thinking about what the rest of the world will do to answer .net. in the process i have come across so many new acronyms it makes you puke.

  • JXTA seems to be a peer to peer framework for the java language.
  • JAX (Java API for XML)
  • ONE (Open Network Environment)

apparently dave winer is working on a big-picture road map for XML storage, membership and other cool related stuff. It’s a technical, economic and political document. It’s not wussy. A declaration of independence from our Friends Up North. We can’t get locked in the trunk with the rest of our friends, there’s simply not enough room for comfort. We like lots of space.