landing pages that aren’t

if you want to capture the attention of web innovators, you might want to start with an accessible site. when i see sites like this or this, i hit the back button. so does google.

looks like it’s not only clueless startups. bmw germany uses inaccessible javascript navigation, and in an effort to ‘fix’ their resulting crap google ranking, used doorway pages, which resulted in the google death penalty. right on.

the xmlrpc of form handlers

today, i wasted about an hour trying to make a form post to this timetable lookup. it never quite worked, until i realized those guys are taking a by position approach to form handling, and fail on any submit that is not in their expected order. i guess all that key-value stuff is too inefficient for their high-performance needs, eh.

the blogger blight

Terry Frazier:

I was at the first AC conference in 2003. I attended on a lark and had a great time. I went again to AC2004, and again had a very good experience. But I’ll miss the conference this year, and I wonder – can the close-knit, community atmosphere of the past two years survive the arrival of the traveling Techno-Circus?

so will i. accelerating change 2003 was the best conference i have ever been to. a program that took no prisoners attracted a most excellent crowd. where else can you have discussions with people from the immortality institute? and now, for some unknown reason, the conference has sold out to speakers that have nothing to do with accelerating change. who cares about blogging, or even worse, podcasting? now we get “tutorials”, pitches about investing, and the admission price has increased.