via etoy and bernhard comes word of a new messenger bag with solar panels. while not powerful enough to charge your laptop, it will do fine with your other gadgets.

what is especially interesting to me is that sakku is a swiss startup. i have outlined before why switzerland is going down the drain. in fact, i sometimes tell smug swiss people that i am an economic refugee. all the more uplifting if a startup is ignoring the naysayers and delivering a cool product.

one-upping trulia and housingmaps

my friend bernhard‘s former company again pushes the envelope of web applications (their mapping site predated google maps by almost 6 months). this time, they are tackling real estate search, a field ripe for a better experience. while there are some nice efforts online by and (trulia seems to have inked a deal with google, their google maps integration does not even load scripts from google..), does them one better:

  • tighter integration between list view and map (just mousing over a list item show’s it’s location)
  • histograms for the search terms to give you a quick idea what the spread in prices is, for instance
  • shows matches in context (public transport, shopping etc)
  • leverages the superior map quality from endoxon
  • allows you to take notes for each object
  • shows you new matches for your search since your last visit

all in all, an excellent new site that can easily hold it’s own against us-centric players, and is at the same time without equal in (sadly, a web backcountry) switzerland.


potential delinquents
Many computer scientists are delinquents. They have committed sex crimes or are responsible for blood baths in their families. In my opinion, their brain got out of control with all the technology. As is generally known, computer scientists use cocaine. This increases imagination, and they can program more efficiently and creatively. No wonder when people with access to the world’s information on the Internet go crazy. I am convinced that we need surveillance organs for computer scientist who can take suspects out of commission.