people who burn hundreds or even thousands of dollars on itunes are retards. why would you pay 1.99 (and up) per song to “own it”, for severely limited definitions of owning, when you can pay 3$ per month to listen to any song you like, on any computer or smartphone? why would you put up with a clunky, user-hostile program like itunes that fails to collect interesting metadata and has no discovery mechanism to speak of, when you can use why would you clog your storage devices with mp3s when you can stream? why would you waste space in your apartment for a CD collection when you can listen to thousands of artists?
i am sorry if i ignored you over long stretches of time over the 7 years we have known each other. i will try to do better.

why switzerland is going down the toilet

prediction: within five years, switzerland will be in dire straits, and will resemble the japan of today. economic growth will screech to a halt, and may even hit a deflation. within 10 years, switzerland will have a significantly lower standard of living in relation to other countries.

there are several reasons for this:

  • a failure to attract low wage immigrants by closing the borders
  • a failure to provide funding for new companies
  • misguided gov spending that emphasizes obsolete industries (military, agriculture)
  • a reluctance to push painful reform through
  • a belief that “swiss quality” will always reign supreme while failing to innovate
  • failing to train the next generation of an excellent workforce